Dr. Anne Roulo, D.C.

Ann for websiteDr. Anne Roulo is committed to improving your quality of life and is certified in Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology, Chiro Plus Kinesiology and NeuroEmotional Technique. Her treatments are a combination of low-force adjustments, muscle work and soft tissue manipulation, acupuncture meridian therapy and clinical nutrition.  In addition to treating musculo-skeletal conditions, Dr. Anne specializes in mind-body medicine and regulating the body’s reaction to stress.

Dr. Anne was named one of the top chiropractors in St. Louis by St. Louis Magazine.

 Dr Anne’s Website:

Chiropractic Fees

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$70 for Follow up visit

$90 for First visit




Dr. Anne and The Power Plate

The Power Plate is the newest member of the Holistic Health and Fitness family. Learn how the Power Plate works and how it can benefit your health.

power plate girl 2As a compliment to your chiropractic care, Dr. Anne Roulo, D.C. will train you in this new technique to strengthen and improve the health of the body.

Powerful Training Advanced Vibration Technology™ works by stimulating your body’s automatic muscle reactions—using up to 95 percent of muscle fibers, compared to as little as 20 percent with traditional gym equipment. It does this with the help of Newton’s second law that Force = Mass x Acceleration. While traditional exercises add mass, the Power Plate machine accelerates to generate force with more ease. Simple translation: Acceleration Training™ is high intensity training unlike anything you’ve tried before. You’ll burn fat, improve coordination and flexibility, and increase strength. Enhance your performance while reducing the amount of time you need to spend training, giving you a total-body workout—including massage—in only 30 minutes.

Benefits of the Power Plate

power plate lose weight

Strength: Improves muscle tone, builds explosive power and endurance.

Flexibility: Increases range of motion, coordination, balance and stability.

Circulation: Improves and increases blood flow to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Weight Loss: Reduces body fat and enhances metabolism.

Cellulite Reduction: Diminishes the appearance of cellulite.

Build Bone Density: Increases bone mineral density and prevents bone loss related to aging.

Alleviate Pain: Promotes faster recovery of damaged muscles and tendons, decreases pain and improves joint function.

Power Plate Fees

30 minute initial and follow up sessions led by Dr. Anne Roulo$40

Enhance Your Power Plate Experience with a Biomat Session!
The Biomat’s infrared energy helps repair muscle and encourages detoxification, increase your metabolic rate, and enhance your lymphatic drainage.
For any of the above, add a 30 minute Biomat session afterward for only $15.

Power Plate Alone:
30 minute with instruction, 4 sessions:   $108

Power Plate + Biomat
30 minute Power Plate with instruction + Biomat, 4 sessions: $168