Constipation?  Move over Ex-Lax and Miralax, there are better Remedies in Town!



Not Regular?  Discomfort?
Here’s Help with
From our Naturopathic 
Physician, Tiffanie Jones
Check out Dr. Tiffanie’s article on digestive regularity, which includes:
  • How often should you go “number two”?
  • What’s a Squatty Potty? (HINT: Your position on the commode is important!)
  • Fats and Oils:  Friend or Foe?
  • Can abdominal massage help?
This comprehensive, well researched article contains lots of information about keeping your system moving as it should.  Click here to read the article on Dr. Tiffanie’s blog.
Want to see Dr. Tiffanie at our clinic?  She’s at our offices on Thursdays and Fridays.  Visit our website’s Naturopathy section to learn more.
Tiffanie Jones is a Naturopathic Physician (graduate of Bastyr University) and sees clients at Holistic Fitness. Her training included diagnosis of difficult cases and she gives recommendations on how to prevent disease. She also offers live microscopic blood analysis.  This educational tool helps empower clients to improve health by visualizing the cellular makeup of the blood.  See her website
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