Gut Troubles? Naturopathic Help with Food Sensitivities

Having Gut Troubles?

Help with Food Sensitivities

From our Naturopathic Physician, Tiffanie Jones

Hope for those with Food Sensitivities

We’ve worked with many clients who improve their health dramatically by learning about their food sensitivities and making new choices.  For example, clients who learned they have food sensitivities and reduced wheat, gluten, or dairy often find that they have improved digestion, brain function, memory, energy levels, and mood.  How did these clients successfully learn which foods to reduce?  Most often, from an elimination diet.


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When guiding a client through an elimination diet, our Naturopathic Physician, Tiffanie, begins by eliminating the most commonly problematic foods groups.  After a brief period, she guides the client in re-introducing each type of food, determining if it creates symptoms. Depending on the severity of the symptoms after the food is re-introduced, the client may want to reduce or eliminate that food choice in their daily diet.

But Can’t I Just Get a Blood Test for Food Sensitivities?  

We hear this from clients all the time—it’s an understandable question! These clients tell us that the elimination diet sounds complicated and time-consuming.  Believe me, we’d love it if simple blood tests could prove which foods you should avoid.  Some blood tests can show if a person has an outright allergy to a food, but food sensitivities are more complicated.  In blood testing for food sensitivities, you can get false positives (harmless foods show up as problematic) and false negatives (troubling foods show up as fine).  One curious and enterprising Naturopathic doctor even tested the same bloodwork at four different labs, and found that each lab produced a different list of food sensitivities–none of the labs’ data agreed!

Tiffanie’s Guidance and Support for You

From her training at Bastyr University and her experience with clients, Tiffanie has crafted a well-informed and efficient approach to elimination diets.  This will save you from wasting time and resources on foods which may not be a problem for you.  Check out Tiffanie’s article on elimination diets here.

So, get started on improving your digestion, energy, and mood by working with Tiffanie on choosing your perfect foods.  She is at Holistic on Thursdays, and can also be seen in other clinics in our region on other days.  Visit our website’s Naturopathy section to learn more.

Tiffanie Jones is a Naturopathic Physician (graduate of Bastyr University) and sees clients at Holistic Fitness. Her training included diagnosis of difficult cases and she gives recommendations on how to prevent disease. She also offers live microscopic blood analysis.  This educational tool helps empower clients to improve health by visualizing the cellular makeup of the blood.  See her website at
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