Help Your Digestion and Allergies by Playing in the Dirt? Yes!

Yes, it sounds a little nuts, but hear us out.

Research is beginning to show  that we’ve over-sanitized our surroundings and messed with our immune systems in modern society. Our guts and immunity need organic diversity.  A study mentioned in the podcast below found that urban kids aren’t exposed to a wide enough variety of organic germs when young, and it compromises their  future  immunity. This can have a role in asthma, allergies,  and  digestive disruption.

On this podcast, Dr. Maya explains this phenomenon and the ‘hygiene hypothesis’ better than anyone we’ve heard. (Don’t be put off by the grandiose introduction, it’s a great listen after that!). Check it out, and ask your Holistic Fitness practitioner if you have any questions.

dirt cure

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