It’s Spring! Acupuncture, Herbs and Fire Cupping Can Help Your Spring Symptoms

Acupuncture can help the two most common Spring symptoms we see—seasonal allergies and soreness from outdoor activities, especially gardening.
Sneezing?  Watery Eyes?  Congestion?
Olivia can combine acupuncture, facial cupping, and a Chinese Herbal Formula mixed just for your specific symptoms to make you feel better.
Stiff and Sore from Spring Gardening?
Olivia sees these symptoms all the time.  Fire cupping can offer immediate relief.  We have convenient and affordable half hour sessions available for cupping, so you can quickly get in to address issues before they become too painful or ingrained.  These half hour sessions cost only $30.  Members:  You are eligible for one FREE fire cupping session during April.
Come See What You’ve Been Missing
We consistently get very positive reviews for Olivia’s services.  We were delighted to receive this one on Yelp.
Clients always tell us that they feel Olivia really listens to them, understands their concerns, and treats exactly what they need addressed during each session.  Because of this, her clients are very satisfied and come in regularly to see her.
Acupuncture Specials at Holistic:
We are offering discounts on initial and follow-up acupuncture visits this month.
Some conditions require several visits before they improve, so the packages are a way to save money on getting several visits in a row.
All acupuncture sessions at Holistic Fitness are in a private room, with a warming infrared pad to keep you comfortable.
To improve your allergies, pain, or whatever ails you, book an appointment with Olivia soon!   You can book online or by calling
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