EFT Acupressure

Kim Kim Archer is a certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting facilitator. EFT (also referred to as “tapping”) stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, which utilizes acupressure to release physical, emotional and mental distress in the body’s energy system. EFT is effective and simple to do. Matrix Reimprinting takes EFT to another level where you energetically change negative memories or images for positive ones, thus breaking the link between your present life’s negative behaviors and thoughts, and your past. The result is a life experience of empowerment and freedom to create the life you choose.

What’s a Session like and what should  I expect?

Most people begin with a one hour session.  Kim will begin by asking about situations which cause anxiety, depression, or other symptoms.  Then, Kim will teach how to ‘tap’ on the acupressure points, and you will both begin the technique relatively early in the session.  Most clients report significant emotional relief right away, and leave the session feeling much better.

But what if my anxiety and depression return after my session with Kim is over?

The beauty of EFT is that it has an easy-to-learn take home technique.  When pain, stress and anxiety arise, you will have tools to diffuse the emotions by applying the take-home acupressure technique.  We encourage you to use the take-home technique often—our goal is for you to be self-sufficient, eventually not needing in-clinic sessions anymore.

What is the technique like  

Check out this video to see an EFT practitioner explain how to begin using EFT right away.  The video is only 8 minutes. Once you’ve viewed it, you can already begin using the technique when stressful situations arise in your life.


I’ve  seen the video and learned the steps myself.  Why would I need a session with Kim?

Some clients find relief and don’t need one-on-one sessions.  However, others with deep-seated emotional pain, trauma history, PTSD, or other anxiety disorders often need a guide to help them through their healing.  Kim has helped people work through significant emotional traumas with this technique.

What’s Matrix Re-Imprinting?  

Matrix Re-Imprinting is an effective and gentle way of energetically changing negative memories into positive ones.

How can Matrix Re-Imprinting help me?

Have you ever tried to change your life with one step forward, two back? Like starting a new action plan for a business, losing weight, quitting smoking, finding a new kind of relationship, but always ending up with the same kind of person? No matter how hard we try to change, we hit a brick wall.

Matrix Re-Imprinting breaks through the wall and lays a safe, confident path by gently undoing the negativity that has been holding you back and re-imprinting the positive supportive images that will help get you on your way to the success you deserve.

Learn more about Matrix Re-Imprinting by clicking here.

How do I book an appointment?

Use our online booking system, and choose “EFT-60 minutes” or “EFT-90 minutes” (even if you are looking to  do Matrix Reimprinting, all sessions with Kim are booked as EFT).  If you are unable to book online, feel free to call us at 314-647-3999, we are open seven days a week.

What are the costs?

Kim’s Fees are:

60 minutes EFT and Matrix Reimprinting: $70
Three 60 minute EFT Sessions: $195
90 minutes EFT and Matrix Reimprinting: $100
Three 90 minute EFT Sessions: $285
Please use all prepaid sessions within six months.

Where can I learn more?

Here are websites with more information

EFT Universe

Matrix Reimprinting (Re-Imagining past traumas, diminishing their impact)

Youtube channel for EFT Universe

Kim’s Facebook Page about EFT