Learn Acupressure, or “Tapping”, to Relieve Stress & Anxiety.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is now Available at Holistic Health & Fitness

We are pleased to announce that EFT Acupressure sessions are now available at Holistic Health & Fitness. 
Kim Archer is a Certified EFT Practitioner, with years of experience helping clients to improve their health and well-being with this simple acupressure technique.   
EFT sessions with Kim are one hour or 90 minutes.  After learning about you and discussing your goals for the session, Kim will teach you about how the EFT technique can help you.  She will walk you through several scenarios to help reduce grief, depression, anxiety, and more with EFT.  She will ‘tap’ on the acupressure points right alongside you,  so you can see how it helps.  
You can share as much or as little about your specific situation as you like.  Kim doesn’t need every detail about your background or relationships to be able to help you. 
As your session progresses, Kim will provide you instructions to practice the technique at home.  One of the best aspects of EFT is that you can bring it into your most stressful and difficult situations, reducing anxieties on the spot.  
Matrix Re-Imprinting
Kim is also certified in this technique, which is an effective and gentle way of energetically changing negative memories into  positive ones.  Learn more about this technique here.  
How do I book an appointment?
Use our online booking system and choose “EFT-60 minutes” or “EFT-90 minutes”.  Kim is currently available for EFT on Mondays at Holistic.  Can’t visit us on Mondays?  Contact our front desk at 314-647-3999, and they will get you in touch with Kim to set up meetings for alternate dates.

Our Fees for EFT Are:
60 minutes EFT: $70
Three 60 minute EFT Sessions: $180
90 minutes EFT: $100
Three 90 minute EFT Sessions: $270

To Learn more about EFT
Click here to see our EFT Page
Click here to book an appointment.
Or, check out this video explaining the technique.  
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