Lower Prices for Acupuncture

We’ve reduced the price for Initial Acupuncture Visits

cosmetic acupuncture.JPG
Previously, new client acupuncture was $110 for the first visit. We’ve cut that price to $90.
Tell a friend!  Make sure they mention you on our online form as your referral source, or they can tell our front desk.  If they mention your name, you will receive a $10 coupon toward a future service.
Your first visit still includes a full review of your health history by Olivia, complete with an analysis of the attributes of your pulse, and diagnostic indications from the appearance of your tongue.
Here’s a summary of our prices for Acupuncture.
Initial Acupuncture Session:                               $90
Follow Up Acupuncture Session:                        $75
Cupping Only (30 min. session):                         $30
Herbal Consultation Only (30 min. session):  $40
3 Acupuncture Sessions                                      $210
6 Acupuncture Sessions                                      $390
9 Acupuncture Sessions                                      $540
Cosmetic Acupuncture prices are the same as above.
Want to learn more about acupuncture at Holistic Health and Fitness?  Click here for our detailed acupuncture page.
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