Private Acupuncture and Cupping Now Available!

We are excited to announce that Olivia will be offering private acupuncture treatments at Holistic Fitness. Although some of our clients go to Community Acupuncture and have private table treatments Olivia’s private acupuncture treatments are different.

  • Fire Cups: Fire is used to create a suction and when it is placed on the skin, it gives relief from deep and chronic pain.
  • Facial cupping: Facial cupping doesn’t leave marks on the skin and can be used to treat issues such as TMJ and headaches. 
  • Individualized  Chinese Herbal Formulas: Olivia is able to make individualized formulas during a session based on the appearance of the patient’s tongue and quality of the pulse. In Chinese Medicine individualized herbs can be very helpful in treating fertility, digestive, skin, allergy and other issues unique to each patient.  All formulas are drank like a tea.



First Visit (90 minute session) – $110
Follow Up (60 minute session) – $75
Follow Up (90 minute session) – $110

Cupping (30 min. session) – $30

Herbal Consultation* (30 min. session) – $40
*Additional charge for herbs

These are the regular fees but during February all of her fees will be 16% off!

About Olivia:

Olivia earned her Master’s in Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago and performed over 1,000 hours in clinical rotations there. Olivia learned advanced skills from a master acupuncturist and herbalist in Taiwan. She is state licensed and certified by the national certification association in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Bodywork Therapy.


While Olivia treats all conditions, she specializes in digestive disorders, women’s health–including fertility, skin disorders, and migraines.

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