The Fascia Blaster: It Relieves Pain and Even Reduces Cellulite

fascia blaster stomachStart Today:  Either Get Sessions in our Clinic, or Buy Your Own Blaster for a Great Take Home Technique!
You may have been hearing a lot of buzz about a technique that helps pain, stiffness, and even improves cellulite.  The fascia blaster helps break up knots and adhesions in our bodies.  Fascia is our connective tissue—and it frequently can become knotted and ‘stuck’, leading to symptoms.
Our massage therapist Rachel has been providing sessions with the blaster, and her clients are very pleased with the results.  She’s also teaching them to do the technique at home, enhancing their benefits. Rachel sees this tool as very empowering for her clients—they can take their healing into their own hands by learning this technique for home use.
We’re very excited about the blaster!  We see this innovative technique helping:
  • Pain and tension, especially hunched ‘computer shoulders’
  • Tennis elbow and forearm pain due to repetitive motion
  • Leg pain, especially around knees and the I/T Band
  • Cellulite
  • ‘Stuck’ digestion.  Tight abdominal areas can inhibit elimination.
  • Pain in any area of the body–almost anything can benefit
Learn More:
There are many resources to learn about Fascia Blasting.  Here are our favorites:
Fascia Blasting on the Today Show.  Learn how it was created and how it helps people:
Creator Ashley Black talking about how to use the blaster and teaching best practices:
How Can I Start Benefiting from the Blaster?
Many people find it best to get a fascia blaster treatment with a trained practitioner before using it at home.  If you’d like the guidance, book an appointment with Rachel online or by phone at 314-647-3999.  Select “FasciaBlaster: 60 minute” or “FasciaBlaster: 90 minute”. Or, if you’d like to start using the blaster at home first, it is sold on Ashley Black’s website.  Click here to see their products page.  (Also, we will begin carrying Fascia Blaster merchandise at the clinic by July 20th.)
A few more tips about the blaster:
  • Ashley Black recommends that the Blaster always be used on bare skin with oil applied, not through clothing
  • Skin that is warmed benefits the most–at home, use a heating pad, hot shower, or sauna.  At our clinic, we warm the client first on our infrared Biomat
  • Bruising is possible with blasting, so always be careful if you are heading to the beach, and don’t want visible bruising
  • The creators of the Fascia Blaster are very responsive—feel free to contact them with any questions through their website.
  • Remember, that the fascia blaster can help with cellulite.  Here’s a graphic on why untreated fascia can create ‘ripples’ in your skin.
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