Tips on Staying Healthy during Cold & Flu Season

Very important for a healthy immune system. Try this Renew Life formula: Ultimate Flora Advanced Immunity.

Vitamin C
A proven booster of immune function. Raw vitamin preparations of Vitamin C can sometimes be better absorbed.

Vitamin D
Supplements are available if you are deficient. Mushrooms, eggs, tuna & herring are also good food sources of Vitamin D.

Greens and Super Foods
Give your body the vitamins & minerals it needs to fight illness

Reduce Sugar
Sugar compromises your immunity. If you get strong cravings when reducing sugar, add extra protein and fiber to your diet.

Cold Weather
Traditional healers emphasize protecting the neck with a scarf to stay well, and avoid leaving the house with wet hair!

Avoid Germs
Conventional hand sanitizers can dry your hands, leaving them cracked and vulnerable. Cheryl’s Herbs in Maplewood carries more holistic versions.

Massage Therapy
Great for reducing stress, and studies show it increases immune antibodies.

Colon Hydrotherapy
Did you know that up to 80% of your immune system comes from your digestion system? Keep it healthy with colonics!

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs
Acupuncture helps with Colds, Flu, Headaches, Sinusitis and much more. Ask Olivia, our acupuncturist, about Yin Chiao, it can help stop a new cold from taking hold in your body.

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