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Transformative Breathwork with Rachel

We are pleased to announce that Rachel is now providing Transformative Breathwork at Holistic Health & Fitness. This technique can help clients release negative thoughts and feelings that are hidden in their subconscious.   Following breathwork sessions, clients report that the technique helped them to release fears, stresses, and the symptoms of trauma in the body from past events.
Transformative Breathwork is deeply liberating and can be used to help you focus on creating the conditions for your ideal life.  This hands-on approach to creating a life you love can be very empowering.  Many clients experience bliss, laughter, and joy during and following their sessions.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What are the Benefits of Transformative Breathwork?
While there are so many benefits that it’s hard to list them all, these are the most frequently reported:
  • Reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression
  • “Reset” your nervous system, reducing symptoms of trauma
  • Increase joy by the reduction of stored stress and anxiety
How Long are Transformative Breathwork Sessions?
Sessions with Rachel last 90 minutes.  Portions of the session time are  spent teaching you the technique, and some of the time is spent in practice of the breathwork.
What’s the cost of Transformative Breathwork?
Ninety minute sessions with Rachel are $100.  A package of three sessions is $270.  See our specials page for monthly discounts (prices in the ‘massage’ category apply to Transformative Breathwork).
How will I feel during a session?
Powerful emotions can be experienced during sessions.  Many clients break out in laughter during their sessions, and experience happiness and joy.  Other clients may cry or release anger.  We have programmed in extra time for relaxing after a session, to give you a chance to integrate the emotional releases that have occurred.
Are there any discounts for Veterans and First Responders?
Yes!  Rachel feels passionate about helping these communities recover from trauma and create joy-filled lives.  This discount applies to active and retired military, EMT’s, nurses, police, and firemen.  These groups are eligible for 15% off individual sessions ($85 per session, a savings of $15). Still unable to pay the discounted rate?  Call us at 314-647-3999, and we can discuss options.
Who provides Transformative Breathwork?
Rachel, who has provided bodywork sessions at Holistic for years, is a Certified Breathwork Facilitator.  She trained at the Healing Arts Center in St Louis; their program instructs the discipline of breathwork with a respect and admiration for the ancient systems of healing and yoga in India. Rachel and her peers emerged from their training with a deeper understanding of the power of breathwork, and how it can help us all have more joy-filled lives.
I’m Ready!  How do I book my appointment?
In our online appointment system, select the category Transformative Breathwork.  If you’d rather book by phone, call us at 314-647-3999.
Check out this video explaining the power of breathwork, including testimonials from two men who have been helped immensely by the technique.
Brief 2-minute Video Explaining Benefits of this Technique
Learn more about the incredible power of our breath, and of intentional breathing, by viewing this Ted Talk with Max Strom.
Ted Talk on Transformational Breathwork
Ted Talk on the Importance of Conscious Breathing
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